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School adventures

Adrenaline-Check’s school adventures are designed to educate, inspire, engage & excite your students. We create life-enriching adventures for memories that last a lifetime. Our school programs are designed for secondary schools & universities.

The best school in the world is planet Earth. Slovenia is a perfect destination for your next school trip:
»Europe in Miniature«, »The Sunny Side of the Alps«, »The Green Piece of Europe«, though they may sound like tourist-brochure blurbs, they're all true.

From beaches, snow-capped mountains, hills awash in grapevines and wide plains blanketed in sunflowers, to Gothic churches, baroque palaces and art nouveau civic buildings, Slovenia offers more diversity than countries many times its size.

Its incredible mixture of climates brings warm Mediterranean breezes up to the foothills of the Alps, where it can even snow in summer. pac

Adrenaline-Check is committed to working with you to deliver your perfect itinerary. We’ll tailor it to your match your groups curriculum requirements and learning objectives, plus provide a twist of adventure along the way and ensure students develop important life skills. Everything is included; all activities, equipment, accommodation and food…

We designed 2 adventure packed school holidays in Slovenia. If you have special requests & wishes, we will create a perfect tailor made school adventure designed as you wish.


Amazing Slovenia

Adrenaline-Check Eco Place is opening on 18.5.2020! All activities will be available from 20.5.2020! Book your favourite adventure now!




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